In a single week you will collaborate with your team of fellow junior high students to start a company, design & build a product, and we have a very unique way that you will sell your product at the end of the week, but it's a surprise!


Down To Business


Interview your customers, determine your product features, then design the product you will create.


Everything you need to manufacture and refine your product will be at your fingertips. 


Your team will work together to design, build and then sell your product before the week ends.

Legal Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the changes that occur during this intense week. Every effort will be made to return your children to you with all of the fingers and toes they arrived with however they will leave with new eyes. The meat between their ears will be irreversibly changed. We apologize in advance for the increased level of questions which they will emit.

Important message from the founders for 2019

2018 Project

In 2018, we raised the for Base Camp. The mission: provide compressed air to a manufacturing facility without using electricity.

2017 Project

2017 was our second year for Base Camp. Below is the video recapping the project and what the campers came up with for a solution.

_group 2017 BCI

What Is Base Camp Iowa?

June 10th - 14th, 2020

Beyond Engineering

Sure, you'll get to design an amzing product with your team, but you'll also be learning a lot more than that. What ecological and environmental factors will you consider? What materials and design will your team choose? What safety and quality factors will be important? Base Camp is Beyond Engineering!

Beyond Manufacturing

Yeah, you'll get a chance to use industrial lasers, CNC mills, welders, metal benders, plastic thermoformers and so much more, but there's more to manufacturing than that. Can your product be mass-produced? What features will be included based on time and budget? Base Camp is Beyond Manufacturing! 

Beyond Marketing

You'll get the chance to interview customers and listen to what product features they want, but things go so much deeper. Do you understand the psychology of your customers? Can you create compelling marketing messages? Where can you go to get data about customers? Base Camp is Beyond Marketing!

Beyond Business

Running a business can run your life. We'll go deeper and discuss strategies for staying physically and mentally healthy, how to make critical business decisions, and how to build a network of mentors to help hold you accountable.

Base Camp is Beyond Business!


Base Camp Team

Albert Marasco

Learn one thing and it helps lead you to learn another fact, skill, behavior, person, etc.  Become interested in more each day.

A native Iowan, Albert is an accomplished mechanical engineer, inventor and business owner with an inquisitive desire to understand how and why things work. His parents will attest to this, as at age four they discovered he had removed several doorknobs in their home in order to discover out how they functioned. This kind of discovery and exploration is the driving force behind Base Camp, which was founded for the purpose of encouraging a hands-on approach to uncommon thinking in our community’s young people.

Gabriel P. Glynn

Creating a better world starts with creativity and is built on a foundation of teamwork.


Gabriel is a five-time entrepreneur whose businesses range from the insurance industry to software and digital marketing. After leaving an 11 year career in retail Gabriel took a journey down the path of business startups. He serves his community in many ways including serving an 8 year term on the board for the Ankeny Young Professionals and a 5 year term on the City's Cultural Arts Board. Gabriel will guide daily activites as well as communication prior to and following camp. 

Let's Do This!

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